ATTENTION! Impotrant information from Partizan!


Attention! The cases of hacking the DVR/NVR of several manufacturers became more frequent! According to this situation, PARTIZAN highly recommends updating the device firmware versions to eliminate the potential vulnerability.

To update the firmware use PARTIZAN DEVICE MANAGER.

If you haven’t found the necessary model of your device in the list, please check the list from time to time because it will be updated as far as the new firmware versions become available.

New versions of firmware for device models are available. Here is the list of current firmwares:

CHD-30S 3.0
ADF-14S HD 3.0
ADH-16A HD 3.0
ADT-86DR16 HD 3.0
CHD-116EVH HD 3.1
ADF-14S FullHD 3.1
ADM-88V HD 3.1
ADH-18V FullHD 3.1
CHD-30S HD 3.1
ADM-44U HD 3.1
ADM-816V HD 3.1
ADM-44U HD 3.2
ADH-18V FullHD 3.2
ADM-816V HD 3.2
ADM-88V HD 3.2
ADT-86DR16 FullHD 3.2
CHD-30S HD 3.2
ADH-16A FullHD 3.2
ADH-16A FullHD 3.3
ADH-16A SuperHD 3.4
ADF-14S FullHD 4.0
ADH-18V FullHD 4.0
ADM-44U FullHD 4.0
ADF-14S 4.1 FullHD
CHD-68EVH HD 4.1
ADM-88V FullHD 4.1
ADH-18V SuperHD 4.2
ADF-14S SuperHD 4.2
CHD-68EVH HD 4.2
NVM-421 1.0
NVH-822 1.0
NVH-852 1.0
NVH-2422 1.0
NVM-421 POE 1.1
NVH-822 POE 1.1
CHD-68EVH HD 3.0
CHD-116EVH HD 3.0
ADM-44U HD 3.0
ADM-88V HD 3.0
ADH-18V HD 3.0
ADM-816V HD 3.0
ADF-14S FullHD 3.2
CHD-68EVH HD 4.0
NVH-821 1.0
NVT-2454 1.0
NVT-2454 2.0

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