Unified firmware


Dear users!

As you know, we have two types of firmware: General and Cloud.

From today, there will not be Cloud firmware updates anymore. There will be unified General firmware, which will work with Partizan Cloud Service as well as Partizan Device Manager. It means that one firmware will work for all Partizan applications and services.



  1. In the next version of Device Manager for Widows we will remove “Install/upgrade General firmware” and “Install/upgrade Cloud firmware” buttons. There will be only one button: “Install/upgrade firmware”.
  2. Partizan Cloud Master will also be updated. Now it will download General firmware only.
  3. Also, in the upcoming versions of mobile apps setup wizard for wireless equipment will emerge. This wizard will allow to install/upgrade firmware directly from your mobile device. It will download General firmware as well.
  4. Of course, now it will be easier for users, because there will no longer be an issue of what firmware to install/upgrade.

At this point all General firmware are updated and available for download at Partizan Device Manager


Budget-lever equipment (i.e.“Cloud Cubic”), which has RTSP-connections limitation, cannot operate in Cloud and Device Manager 2.0 simultaneously. The user will have to choose one of services. But the firmware will work for any of them. There is no such feature for recorders.

Partizan Device Manager, Partizan Cloud Manager and other Partizan software you can download from our website: http://apps.partizan.global/

Enjoy using!

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