Configuring Smart IR function in Partizan AHD cameras



Partizan AHD camera of the last generation with a resolution of 2 Mp and 4 Mp got Smart IR function, which gained a positive feedback in the market of video surveillance systems.

Smart IR function lets you automatically adjust the intensity of the camera’s infrared illumination, as well as specify the area, where the backlight compensation from IR rays will be active.

For example, if a person is at a relatively small distance from the camera in the dark, his/her face will be completely illuminated by IR illumination and the camera will shoot just a white spot. Due to Smart IR function, when the object is in the frame, the IR illumination capacity in the specified area will be reduced, which gives the opportunity to identify the person.

This function in Partizan AHD cameras is switched on and configured in OSD Menu. To enter the menu, you need to press the central button of the joystick, which is placed on the camera cable.

Joystick navigation on the OSD Menu:

Up and down – switching between sections.

Left and right – changing values of the section.

Press centre – entrance to the section.

“RETURN” at the end of each submenu – return to the previous level.

“EXIT” at the end of “MAIN MENU” – closing of the OSD Menu. Here, it is necessary to choose an action (move the joystick to left or to right) at closing: save and exit (SAVE&END); factory reset (RESET); exit without saving (NOT SAVE).

1. Switching in and configuring Smart IR function.

1.1. In OSD Menu, in clause “4. DAY/NIGHT”, you need to select “B/W” (black and white mode).

1.2. Enter the menu “4. DAY/NIGHT” and select “ON” in clause “1. IR SMART”.

1.3. When you enter this clause, the setting of the level and area for backlight compensation from IR rays will open.

1.4. The intensity level (“LEVEL”) is adjustable from 0 to 15.

At maximum brightness, the following images will be received:

At average brightness:

At minimum brightness:

When IR SMART function is disabled:

2. Configuring the area for backlight compensation from IR rays.

The decrease of brightness of the IR illumination, when focusing the camera on a close object, leads to the loss of visibility of distant objects.

To focus the illumination intensity on the desired area, you can set the scope of activity of Smart IR function in the settings.

2.1. Go to the section (path from “MAIN MENU”): “4. DAY/NIGHT” → “1. IR SMART” → “2. AREA”.

It displays the grid and the active area of Smart IR function.

2.2. In this window, by using buttons of the joystick, you can change the size of the selected area.

After selecting the desired size, it is necessary to confirm the action by pressing the central button of the joystick.

2.3. The next step is to select the active area of Smart IR function.

Using joystick buttons, you can change the selection position relative to the image and confirm the selection using the centre button.

2.4. After position confirmation, two options are displayed: “RET” – saving settings and returning to the previous menu. “AGAIN” – re-configuring the activity area of Smart IR function.

Thus, in Partizan AHD cameras with Smart IR function, when you change the brightness of the IR illumination, the background is not dimmed, allowing you to monitor what is happening across the area in front of the camera.

You can buy cameras with Smart IR support here:

If you have any questions when setting up the Smart IR function, please contact the Technical Support Service of the Partizan Company:

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