Network controller PAC-42.NET (4 doors, 8 readers)

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It is a high-quality and reliable reader controller that supports Wiegand 26/34 interface.

The model provides the opportunity to operate with four doors and supports simultaneous connection of up to 8 readers. Bulk non-volatile memory device can store information on 30,000 users and 60,000 events, and also store data for 10 years without power supply.

To ensure safety, the controller is equipped with a function of fire door unlocking and has special ports for connection to fire alarm systems. In addition, PAC-42.NET has the TCP/IP interface for remote monitoring. The lock is activated by 6.5 A relay. The model operation is configured via free Partizan software.

The optimum temperature for the reliable controller operation is in the range from -20 to +50°C. Also, the housing is equipped with protection against penetration of dust and moisture according to the standard IP44. The warranty on the model PAC-42.NET is extended to 3 years due to use of best and reliable components.

Number of readers:
Card reader interface:
Wiegand 26/34
Exit button:
Fire alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.:
Alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.:
215x125x37mm, 240g
Housing material:
High-quality plastic
Additional advantages:
3 years warranty

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Hmotnosť 1 kg

Number of readers:

Card reader interface:

Fire alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.:

Alarm inputs/outputs:


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